Alive Coaching is for people and companies. We coach people to identify and make changes in their life and career. We work with you to realise what you’ve always been looking for, using proven coaching techniques & models, and by listening attentively to your needs and requirements. We help you achieve what is right for you, “the very best you”. We work with you to assess your life goals and career objectives and to identify the actions to secure the job or goal that you really want. Our coaching includes personal self-development, stress management, resilience, assertiveness, confidence, relationships and wellness.

Alive Coaching for Companies is based on tailored coaching programmes, to assist you to develop individual employees (at every level) and your teams to be “the best they can be”. The outcomes will be your teams working together effectively in a positive environment, delivering productivity and profitability. We do this through coaching programmes and facilitated workshops, focussed on new team formation, growing team performance through breaking down silos, changing individual and team behaviours and thus moving to be high performance teams.

Alive Coaching Conference Speaker: as a regular guest speaker, Tom Hennessy is known for his energy, warmth and positivity, as well as his ability to make the complex simple. He inspires people to be authentic, resilient and focused on their overall contribution to, and personal impact on, their work and home lives.